👋 Hi, my name is Tyler!

I’m a Front-end Developer that loves problem solving

Experienced in building beautiful, interactive, and performant digital web apps that are accessible for all.

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Front End Developer @ Cognizant

  • Architected, strategized, and deployed full stack web apps with React & Next.js while integrating AWS services and third-party tools
  • Implemented user-facing features/ mockups into UI and back-end functionality to create performant and responsive web applications
  • Collaborated with developers and project managers to push updates on a consistent & feature-by-feature basis while incorporating agile methodology, code reviews, and CI/CD
  • Developed unit & integration tests with React Testing Library & Cypress


  • React.jsReact.js
  • Next.jsNext.js
  • Tailwind CSSTailwind CSS
  • JavascriptJavascript
  • GraphQLGraphQL
  • AmplifyAmplify
  • DynamoDBDynamoDB
  • Cognito.jsCognito.js
  • CypressCypress
  • GithubGithub
  • FigmaFigma


Image of Tyler sitting at the CSU green house, 2022
Sitting at the Colorado State University green house, 2022

An Overview

Hello! My name is Tyler. Currently, I’m based in Chicago and interested in how well-made digital experiences can positively impact people. Back in 2013, I used to tinker with the browser’s developer tools to peek into how websites functioned– it can be scary at first to stare directly at incoherent numbers and letters when you’re beginning.

Fast-forward to today, and I’ve had the privilege of working at a global tech corporation and financial tech start-up while continuously learning and building side projects. My main focuses these days are building full-stack, fast and accessible web applications at Cognizant for a variety of clients and experimenting with new web tools.

On the side, I regularly ride bikes, run on trails, and read nightly.



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